Wise Choice Long-Term Care
Affordable LTC Plans since 1994

Wise Choice LTC has specialized in Long-Term Care Insurance since 1994, and is dedicated to helping individuals, and groups, find plans that fit their unique needs, such as:

  • Individual or Shared LTC Plans
  • Cash LTC Plans (Pay Family Members)
  • LIFE / LTC Hybrid Plans
  • Critical Care Plans (Health Issues)

LTC coverage includes Home Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home care, where you, and your family, decide how, when and where to receive care.

Our Plans are designed to Help our Clients:

  • PROTECT their, Savings and Investments
  • Keep from being a BURDEN on Children and Family

Do you have questions about what long-term care insurance covers? We invite you to take your time and learn about Home care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home care… Just START HERE.

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